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Contents of the Complete Profit Guide

Complete Profit Guide
Section 1- Introduction

The Opportunities Are There
Don't Worry About Mistakes
Read And Learn From Others.
Follow The Success Formula
The Importance Of Small Businesses
The Problems Of A Small Business
The Best Profit Improvement Ideas For Small Businesses
Time Management
Pareto's Law
Get A Good Product

Section 2 - Your Strategy
Your Personal Objective
Your Business Strategy

Section 3 - Organising & Managing Your Business
At McDonald's
Organisational Strategy

Section 4 - Systematising Your Business
Putting The System In The Box
Management Systems - Do Without Experienced Managers

Section 5 - People Strategy
It's All About Motivation
They Must Want To Play Your Game
The Rules Of The Game
Recruitment, Induction, Ongoing & Leavers

Section 6 - Times Change

Section 7 - Marketing Strategy Overview
Customer Dedication
Adding Value
The 2 Ways To Increase Profits
Is it Sales or Marketing?
The Power Of Leveraging
Isn't It Time To Start Generating Leads?

Section 8 - Your Target Market

Section 9 - Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
When It Absolutely, Positively, Has To Be There
How To Find Your USP or UPB
How To Write Your USP

Section 10 -"Guaran-damn-tee it" With Risk Reversal
Remove The Risk Completely
Are You Worried Customers Will Take Advantage?
To Improve The Power Of Guarantees…

Section 11 - Testimonials & Case Studies

Section 12 - Your Pricing Strategy
What's The Best Price?
Value Pricing
How To Raise Prices
Discounting For Profit

Section 13 - Get Your Fonts Right
Serif Fonts
Sans Serif Fonts
Script Fonts

Section 14 - Customer Satisfaction Is Of No Use
Only Loyalty Matters
How Customers Are Treated
Being Friendly
WOW Your Customers
Angry Customers, Complaints & Policies
Give Help Without The Expectation Of Return
The Phone's Ringing, Is Someone Going To Answer?
Customer Visits To The Premises
To Get Loyalty
Business Is Great & We're Looking For More
Your Mission Statement
Focus Groups

Section 15 - More Preparation
Your Business Name
Geographic Location
Company Image
Colour & Shape Guide
Your Logo
Your Premises
Shop Window Ideas
Sign Magic
Telephone Numbers
Freepost & Business Reply
Food & Drink
Opening Hours
Speed of Service
Gift Certificates
What Are The Competition Doing?
Get Feedback
Payment Methods
Business Awards
Charity Incentives

Section 16 - Contact Management Database & Lists

Section 17 - Testing, Measuring & Budgeting
Why Test?
The Lifetime Value Of A Customer
How To Test
The Law Of Probability

Section 18 - Lead Generation
Brand Marketing v Direct Marketing
Using An Ad Agency
One Step & Two Step Lead Generation
Hard v Soft Offer
Qualification Of Leads
Written Lead Generation Tools & AICDA
How To Write Powerful Headlines
The Opening Words
How To Write Body Copy
Generate Interest
Create Desire
Building Credibility
More Top Tips
Call To Action
Formatting Tricks
Be Ready For The Response

Section 19 - How To Grow With Advertising
Advertising Does Work
How To Advertise In The Best Places
Start With A Small Ad
Negotiate The Ad Price
Negotiate The Position Of Your Ad
How To Write Your Ad
How Frequently Should You Run The Ad?
Classified Ads
Directory Advertising
Secrets To Get To The Front Of Your Directory Classification
Optimizing The Size Of Your Directory Ad
Layout Of Directory Ad
Adding Pictures To Adverts

Section 20 - Sales Letters - Sausage & Sizzle
Sales Letter Work
Salutation Rules
Signing Off
The P.S.
More Top Letter Tips
The Reply Device
How To Get Your Envelope Opened
Example Letter Layout
Postcard Marketing

Section 21 - Fax Advertising
Selecting Your Fax Bureau
Fax Format
When To Send The Fax

Section 22 - Internet Marketing
How To Build Your Web Site
Search Engine Optimisation
More Web Marketing Ideas
E-mail Marketing
Getting Repeat Visitors
Fantastic Web Resources

Section 23 - Telephone Marketing & Selling
Telemarketing That Works
Getting Ready To Call
Beating The Gatekeeper
Opening With Your Prospect
Asking Questions
Developing The Dialogue
Asking For The Desired Action
Literature Requests
Follow Up
Closing The Sale

Section 24 - How To Write Press Releases
Press Releases That Work
Format Of The Release
Your Press Kit
How Else To Make Sure It's Published
Now Leverage
Example Press Release Layout

Section 25 - Presentations and Seminars
Why Seminars Work
Finding Your Audience
Promoting Your Seminar
Preparing The Seminar
Equipment Tips
Controlling The Nerves
Your Introduction
The End
Follow Up
Now Leverage

Section 26 - Networking Magic

Section 27 - How To Write Newsletters

Section 28 - Proven Referral Systems

Section 29 - The Power Of Endorsement Marketing
Hosts & Beneficiaries
The Start Up Business People
The Endorsement Offer
How To Operate The Endorsement Arrangement
How Else To Use Endorsement Marketing

Section 30 - How To Write Special Reports

Section 31 - The Competition Busting Special Report

Section 32 - Tip Sheets

Section 33 - Information Packs

Section 34 - Brochures

Section 35 - Catalogues

Section 36 - Mad Marketing Ideas

Section 37 - How To Convert Your Leads Into Paying Customers
A Conversion System
The Quality Of Your Lead
Sales Conversion Letters
Future Contact Letter
More Information Letter
Sowing The Seeds Letter
Sales Conversion Letter
The Buyers Remorse Letter
The Sales Meeting
The Preparation Stage
Greeting The Prospect
The Chit Chat
Asking Questions
Now It's Your Turn
Overcome The Objections
The Close
The Follow Up - making 3109% more sales

Section 38 - The Re-Selling System
Why Use Re-Selling
Re-Selling Tools To Increase The Average Order Value
Re-Selling Tools To Increase The Frequency Of Purchase
Re-Selling Tools To Keep Your Customers Longer
The Windows Of Opportunity Chart

Section 39 - Finance: Managing The Money
The Accounting System
Management Information
What If Questions

Section 40 - Cost Controls & Expense Minimization

Section 41 - Using Barter To Reduce Costs

Section 42 - How To Make Sure You Get Paid

Section 43 - Minimizing Your Risks

Section 44 - How To Raise Finance
How To Get Your Bank To Say "Yes"
Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme
Hire Purchase & Leasing
Trade Credit
Equity Finance
Venture Capital
Business Angels

Section 45 - Choosing Your Business Structure
Limited Company
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Sole Trader

Section 46 - How To Find A Product To Market

Appendix - Recommended Reading & Information Sources